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Tropicana Cookies Auto Fem

Tropicana Cookies Auto Fem

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Tropicana Cookies Auto is 60% indica auto-flowering strain with very good yields and very high potency. Tropicana Cookies Auto is easy enough to grow, even for beginners, that does well when grown indoors or outdoors.

The appearance is more like an indica plant, a strong central cola with a crown of smaller side-branches. The tall-sized buds are closely spaced producing a stack of closely-packed buds. Growers are advised to tie and train branches to increase air-flow thus reducing the potential for mold and other plant diseases to take hold.

Tropicana Cookies Auto buds and leaves turn purple with pink and blue shades with dark orange hairs and almost pure white with resin as maturity nears. Plants grow to an average height of 110 cm. The plants' life-cycle from seed through to harvest is between 8 - 9 weeks with indoor yields of approx. 500 gr/m2 while plants grown outdoors produce around 150 gr. each. Buds have few small, 'sugar' leaves, making trimming a straightforward task, but they are nevertheless covered in resin, ideal for extracts.

The scent is strongly of lemon zest, fresh orange juice and sandalwood while its flavour is fruity with sweet and sour candy with woody, floral and spicy notes on exhalation. Potency is very strong, and its effect is cerebral and euphoric initially becoming more body-focused, relaxing and long-lasting in true indica-style as it develops. Suitable for any time of day or night. It is known to lift mood and relieve chronic pain.


  • Brand: FastBuds
  • Gender: Feminized
  • Variety: Indica dominant
  • Grows: Indoors,Outdoors
  • Tropicanna Cookies x Ruderalis
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