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First Principles Genetics

Spectrum Station Sorbet

Spectrum Station Sorbet

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Rainbow Railway (Type 1) x Bellagio Gelato

12 Regular Seeds

First Principles Genetics
Volume 1: Confectionery Horticulture
Strain: Spectrum Station Sorbet
Lineage: *Rainbow Railway "Type 1" (*Trainwreck Haze x Now-N-Later OG) x Bellagio Gelato)
Cannabinoid Content: 25%+
Morphology: Sativa Dom Hybrid, Medium -Tall Structure, Minimum stretching. Tight flower structure.
Flowering Time: 60-70 Days
Yield: Large, Dense (Heavy Sphere Heads)
Taste/Aroma: It's a mouth trip through a bag of rainbows. Blueberry, Vanilla centered candies with a Lemon-Lime coating fogged by an organic earth tone. (Limonene, Valencene, Terpinolene, Humulene, B- Caryophyllene, A/B Pinene, Caryophyllene Oxide, Linalool++)
Effects: Intense body and mind effects considered relaxing and euphoric. Great for stress and ease of pain.
12 Regular Seeds per Box

Description: Spectrum Station Sorbet uses 'Type 1" of Rainbow Railway. A larger, taller, variety of the Rainbow Railway selections. Expect a hearty,quick-growing plant with short but strong lateral branching. Proven to be very resilient to both pests and pathogens similar to the Type 2 variety of Rainbow Railway. The extreme profile from Bellagio Gelato matches perfectly with the partnering cross not only in morphology but also in terpene profile. Spectrum Station Sorbet, very similar to "Milano Central" brings you a large structure with extreme bag appeal and an EXTREME rainbow earth taste! Dirt Skittles!

Special Honorary Mention to the Breeders who helped contribute to the genetic pool we used in our "Collectible Forms of Art" (Archive Seed Bank, Cult Classics Seeds, DJ Short, EarthFire Genetics, Sherbinski, SinCity Seeds, and to those before them.)

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