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Sour Jealousy Auto (Fem)

Sour Jealousy Auto (Fem)

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Sour Jealousy Auto™

Straight Gas: groundbreaking sativa monster.


Sour Jealousy Auto™ stands tall as a giant autoflower, capable of soaring to heights of 150 cm while generously yielding up to 600 gr/m2. With its staggering power, it's an indispensable choice for cultivators in pursuit of the most robust and potent Sativa-dominant autoflowers. This revolutionary strain possesses the remarkable ability to invigorate the mind, sparking creativity, and infusing the entire body with a wave of positivity, leaving behind a lingering sense of optimism. Its euphoric effects are complemented by subtle yet distinct earthy and floral terpenes, accompanied by the unmistakable sour aroma that tantalizes the palate, underscored by a whisper of black truffles.

Bud Description 


This strain showcases dark green, popcorn-shaped buds with vibrant dark-orange hairs, creating a visually appealing contrast. Sour Jealousy Auto™ develops a dense, creamy resin layer, blending potent effects with an exquisite flavor profile. Its delightful zesty aroma presents a lemony scent with acrid undertones, leaving the entire room infused with the fragrance of lemon juice and diesel fuel.

Smoke Reports 


Sour Jealousy Auto™ offers extremely potent and invigorating effects, starting with a pleasant head rush that induces euphoria and empowers your thoughts. After a few more hits, the energizing effect becomes even stronger, sparking your creative juices while keeping you engaged and focused. Whether you need an extra energy boost to tackle a busy day or are simply seeking creative inspiration, this strain's uplifting effect makes it an ideal choice for Sativa lovers and those looking for the perfect daytime smoke.

Plant Appearance 


Sour Jealousy Auto™ stands tall as a sativa-dominant giant, reaching impressive heights of up to 150 cm. Its overall stature showcases the typical lanky structure associated with Sativa strains, and it features multiple long side branches that end up almost as tall as the main cola. This strain produces thin, light green fan leaves, and the elongated buds grow stacked atop each other, completely covering the branches from top to bottom by harvest time.


Grow Tips 


Sour Jealousy Auto™ thrives in warmer climates but may struggle in colder conditions, so growers should carefully monitor temperature levels. Its potent aroma requires consideration, especially for those concerned about privacy. Indoors, using a filter is recommended, while outdoors, planting aromatic companion plants can help mask the scent. This strain is slightly sensitive to nutrients, so we recommend to use a mild solution initially to prevent nutrient burn. Due to its Sativa lineage, it undergoes significant stretching during pre-flower transition. Early plant training in the vegetative stage mitigates height issues in flowering. To optimize space, placing the exhaust fan and filter outside the tent can provide an additional 10-20 cm.

Though it might have a longer growth cycle compared to other strains, the patience is rewarded with more substantial buds and increased yields.



Sour Jealousy Auto™ promises a mix of sour and fuel terps, with a floral and earthy background complemented with notes of black truffles that add more depth to the mouth-puckering terpene profile. On the inhale, anticipate a zesty, sour taste with a touch of diesel fuel that envelops the mouth. Upon exhaling, the flavors open up, revealing more earthy and floral tastes that accentuate the deliciously sour, almost acrid terpene profile.

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