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Purple Afghan Kush (Reg)

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Purple Afghan Kush 11 Regular Seeds by Green Bodhi

Purple Afghan Kush is an indica / sativa hybrid bred from parentage of Purple Hindu Kush and Afghani #1. This is a regular seed strain that will produce both male and female plants making it ideal for those interested in breeding cannabis. Strong production capability.

Purple Afghan Kush is a tall cannabis strain that can exceed 200cm although it is most suited to indoor cultivation. Flowering times are between 8 - 10 weeks with
high yields of between 450 - 600gr/m2. Growers are advised to use good carbon filters in the grow-room as these plants produce a powerful perfume during flowering. Mould-resistance is extremely good despite the buds having good density. This is a strain that requires some previous experience growing cannabis making it unsuitable for the complete novice gardener.

Purple Afghan Kush has flavours of orange citrus, with notes of fuel and earthy Kush.