Power Sherb Box Set 6 Pack Fems (7+ Packs total)

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What will be included in the box:
1 Pack of Golden Poppy - (Cheetah Piss x Power Sherb)
1 Pack of Funkfetti - (Cake Mix x Power Sherb)
1 Pack of Sherb N' Sour- (Sour Power OG x Power Sherb)
1 Pack of Phat Gary - (Gary x Power Sherb)
1 Pack of Sweet Spot - (Jigglers x Power Sherb)
1 Pack of Yaasss Betch - (Cheesecake x Power Sherb)

1 Random Exotic pack (My choice)
Power Sherb release poster
1 Exotic Lanyard
Power Sherb Sticker

& BONUS PACK Sherbadelic (Sunset Runtz x Power Sherb)

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