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Pound Cake Auto (Fem)

Pound Cake Auto (Fem)

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Pound Cake Auto™

The reigning Cannabis Queen of yields, flavor and power.

  • Exquisite potency. Freshly baked every day.
  • Natural mood booster. Peacefulness in bud form.
  • Efficiency at its finest. Excellent results with very little maintenance.
  • Dessert-like terps. Tastes like creamy vanilla cake with wild berry jam!
  • Grow green, harvest gold. Up to 600 gr/m2 in 10 weeks.
Pound Cake Auto™, a Sativa-dominant hybrid, offers an effortless growing experience suitable for growers of all levels, delivering exceptional yields with minimal water and nutrient requirements. Despite its ease of cultivation, it boasts yields of up to 600 g/m2 and reaches heights of 150 cm in just around 10 weeks. With its extraordinary potency, this strain induces a powerful, long-lasting high, perfect for social settings, as it uplifts mood, promotes happy vibes, and encourages lively conversation and laughter. When it comes to flavor, Pound Cake Auto™ offers a refreshing blend of mixed berries and cream, complemented by the subtle sweetness of fruits and a note of hazelnut.

Bud Description 


This autoflowering strain develops super fat, dense nugs with light and dark purple hues, and beautiful colorful sugar leaves that fade into beautiful orange and pink hues by harvest time. Pound Cake Auto™ produces a creamy white resin layer that smells like roasted hazelnut vanilla ice cream with a mixed berry syrup: a truly flavorful variety for the most demanding flavor chasers as this strain produces flowers that are heavy in resin as they’re rich in flavor. 

Smoke Reports 


Due to the slight Sativa dominance, Pound Cake Auto™ offers an overall happy and energizing effect that fills you with positive, uplifting thoughts and puts your mind to work, allowing you to deal with everyday problems with a huge smile on your face. The energizing effect comes hand-in-hand with a powerful body that sneaks up on you and can leave an unexperienced user glued to the couch, yet not causing lethargic state at all. An ideal companion for a movie night.

Plant Appearance 


This variety will show traits of both Indica and Sativa varieties, developing a tall main cola that reaches up to 150 cm in height and multiple shorter side branches that will get completely covered with buds by harvest time.

Despite its height, Pound Cake Auto™ is easy to grow and will thrive with no big issues at all, while still yielding more than the average autoflower. A must-strain for growers looking to make the most out of each plant without having to choose quality over quantity.

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