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Plasma Gas (KushCo OG x Falcon-9) Fem

Plasma Gas (KushCo OG x Falcon-9) Fem

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Plasma Gas (KushCo OG x Falcon-9)

  • Mother: KushCo OG
  • Reversal: Falcon-9
  • Family: 80/20 Indica
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Growing Conditions: Multi-Topped Bush
  • Height: Medium/Tall
  • Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
  • Yield: Very Heavy
  • Pack Size: 6 Seeds
  • Freebies (leave request in notes during checkout/ first come first serve) -

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    • Falcon-9 S1
    • Bottom Bird (Jigglers x Falcon-9)
Description: We have all heard of the term Christmas weed around the holidays, and the beautiful icy green dripped out nuggets that come along with it! Well ladies & gentlemen... Plasma Gas is in fact just that! Not only is she a beautiful shade of green, but she's covered in monster trics that will remind you of a flocked holiday tree! Phenos ranged in size and and shade, but all gave off the most plasma fuely gas blast right to the face! Topping this lady is a great idea in order to help promote more rocket shape tops that truly deliver in the yield department! Although we can all appreciate a colorful flower, Plasma Gas is the perfect example of how green weed is, and will always be amazing!!!


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