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Petrol Potion (Drip Station x Grape Jubilee) Fem

Petrol Potion (Drip Station x Grape Jubilee) Fem

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Petrol Potion
Mother: Drip Station
Reversal: Grape Jubilee (Berry Bubba x Cereal Milk)
Family: 70/30 Indica
Sex: Feminized
Growing Conditions: Multi Topped
Height: Medium/Tall
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Yield: Very Heavy


Description: Gassholes....this one is for you!!! The second of the 3 gassers in the Grape Jubilee lineup is none other than Petrol Potion. This gorgeous gal throws mountains of nuggets that are staggered with calyx after calyx of frost covered amazingness! Very fitting to her name, the gas fumes that roll off the dripping wet colas will remind you of a party pool of grape juice and petroleum! Multi top her early and end up with a canopy of goodness for days! If with your gas you like a fruity grapey notion, don't be afraid to grab yourself some Petrol Potion!!!

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