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Ice Cream Cake x Divine Spirit

6 Regular cannabis seeds




Mother: We’ve had this Ice Cream Cake cut for a few years now and it’s proven to be a phenomenal plant. It’s the same keeper cut that many of the big name breeders have used. It’s low maintenance, grows quickly, clones well, not too tall, not too short, fantastic resin coverage, low leaf to bud ratio (easy to defoliate and trim), large yield, the entire plant turns nearly black during late flower, and the aroma is insanely DANK! It’s almost unbelievable how complex the aroma is. An incredible cannabis plant bred by Seed Junky Genetics.

‘Father’: Our Divine Spirit male (Spirit in the Sky x Citrus Sap) was selected back in 2020. He was the standout of an outdoor group of 15-20 other males that year. He was the very last one to flower and noticeably so. Unlike his sisters, who were skinnier, and small yielding, he was an absolute beast of a plant; a real monster, and he was the only male that we decided to keep that season. Our initial impression was dead-on, because four years later now having seen the result of his fertilization, he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Paradisiac is one of our favorite creations EVER, and we mean it. The genetic lineage alone is enough to pique one’s interest. And the photos, as beautiful as they are, don’t really do justice to the full in-person experience of Paradisiac plants, which stimulate and excite the senses. The fan-leaves themselves are large with deep veins and a beautiful iridescence to them. Approximately 1/3 of plants that grow from these seeds will exhibit resistance or full immunity to powdery mildew. Come late flower, the site of the clean, mature flowers STACKING from the top to bottom will bring a smile to your face. Be sure not to prune off all the bottom branches like you normally would because even the bottom buds will be surprisingly abundant and large, adding substantial weight to your harvest. The aroma on Paradisiac is really something special- the dense, insanely resin-covered flowers exude a gnarly, nasty, complex scent of skunk, dank sweet bread, cooked-meat, and nail polish remover. And much like pheromones, you’ll find yourself drawing in closer and closer, crazed and always craving more.

-8-9 weeks flowering time

-Indoor or outdoor

-Large Yield

-Some phenotypes are immune to powdery mildew

Annunaki brand seeds/plants are almost always really easy to grow, and this one is no exception. We care about a plant’s performance in the garden more than anything else.

*We didn’t experience any sexual instability with these plants even when grown under some of the most powerful lights on the market.
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