Lusty Lady (fem)

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Bahama Mama x Red Runtz

Whether it be the towering colas, or the gritty frost that shines all over her luscious buds, oh is this lady lusty baby! Not only does she have the frost covered towers but her smell is intoxicating. Phenos range from a fruity perfume all the way to a delightful essence of a berry vanilla that i know most of us men are familiar with the scent of when we smell a woman wearing it. This mama vegges fast and flowers even better, an all around pleasurable lady to lust for indeed!!!

Exotic Genetix


6 Feminized Seeds

3 count fem freebies included pack for pack! These will be selected randomly depending on availability:

  • Game Time (Don Mega x Red Runtz)
  • Ruby Grand (Nectarina x Red Runtz)
  • Red Runtz S1