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LACEZ *Pre sale live. Ships right away!
Parentage: Strawberry Runtz (Kushberries x White Runtz) x Grape Blow Pop (Project 4516 x Grape Gas). LACEZ (A) utilized Strawberry Runtz #10 mother and Strawberry Runtz #7 is the mother we used for LACEZ (B) These two sisters tend to be more or less dominant in the Lacez crosses, therefore progeny is more likely to lean towards one parent or the other. 
Growth: Tall plants that will continue vigorous growth for up to three weeks into flowering. The Grape Blow Pop leaning pheno is slightly less tall, and typically has less internode spacing. Overall, this cultivar does best with multiple topping / training techniques and will create a very large canopy with a great number of big resin coated colas!
Flowering Period: 64-68 days. 
Flavor: Fruity, sweet, hash & gas. 
Effect: Ranges from anytime to daytime. 
6 feminized seeds per pack