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King of Runtz-N-Roll

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Rock-N-Runtz x Bellagio Gelato

12 Regular Seeds

First Principles Genetics

Volume 1: Confectionery Horticulture

Strain: King of Runtz-N-Roll
Lineage: *Rock-N-Runtz (*GMO Runtz x Now-N-Later OG) x Bellagio Gelato)
Cannabinoid Content: 29%+
Morphology: Indica Dom Hybrid, Tall-Long Bodied plant with long strong lateral branching. Great for methods of LST or HST to structure to your desired style.
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Yield: Heavy, Large ( Super-Sized Greasy Momma, uh huh-huh!)
Taste/Aroma: If the infamous Runtz was thrown into a hot summer garlic dumpster fire then this would be it! Garlic, Candy, Z Kush-Terps, Bubblegum Gelato (A-Humulene , B-Caryphollene, Nerolidol, Myrcene, Linalool, A-Pinene, B-Pinene, + +)
Effects: KO! Expect extreme relaxation and comfort. Perfect for sitting back and doing nothing but watching your favorite re-run or catch up on the latest binge-worthy entertainment. Grab some snacks, it's gonna be an inside kind of night!
12 Regular Seeds per Box
Description: The King is here! Some of today's most desired palets meet in this disgustingly delightful combo of death-halitosis, and sweet Z candy kush mashup. From the very beginning expect to have an easy-growing plant that enjoys plenty of light. The structure is wild and untamed just like the original 'King of Rock-N-Roll' so make sure to get training at an early age to get their full potential. When done correctly you can expect large, heavy colas that are both fragrant and trichome covered, The additional working room of outdoor growers makes the "King of Runtz-N-Roll a perfect candidate for outdoor use.

Special Honorary Mention to the Breeders who helped contribute to the genetic pool we used in our "Collectible Forms of Art" (Archive Seed Bank, Cult Classics Seeds, DJ Short, EarthFire Genetics, Sherbinski, SinCity Seeds, and to those before them.)