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Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
Type: Indica Feminized Photoperiod
Size: 6-Pack

Hindu Kush is an iconic pure Indica strain originating from the Hindu Kush mountain chain between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This powerful landrace strain is known for its potency and has been a perennial favorite for centuries. Enjoy its aromas of sweet, earthy spice and its calming, relaxing vibes. 

Meet us along the legacy of the “hippie trail" with a premium variety of Asian landrace cannabis. Selected for its rich, flavorful characteristics, this sophisticated strain will transport you to an era of exploration, culture, and adventure. 

This is a pure cultivar, a true classic and often stronger than many crossbreeds that continue to perpetuate today’s competitive cannabis market. Step off the hype train for a little taste of the good life. Even if just for a moment to reminiscence and reflect on where it all began. Take a deep breath, and relax. We'll jump back into the hustle and bustle, when we're ready. 

Appearance: Hindu Kush flowers have large, tightly packed green buds that stick to the plant because they are incredibly resinous. Some phenotypes of Hindu Kush have purple-tinged leaves, which are caused by high levels of a plant pigment known as anthocyanin being released, especially by cold weather later in flowering stage. The tightly packed flowers are known for their resin and may have been among the first strains to be used to make hash because of their thick silver-white coat of trichomes.

Nose and Flavor is characterized by its complex aroma, which is a combination of sweet and musky notes, with a strong hint of spice and sandalwood, as well as pine and wet earth notes. The musky notes become more pronounced when the flowers are burned, resulting in a full flavor and expansion. The overall flavor profile of Hindu Kush is a combination of sweet incense and herbal notes.

Vibe: Very relaxing full body feel.

Growth Structure: Our Hindu Kush feminized seeds produce plants with a size clearly indicating that they're of a pure Indica strain. The Hindu Kush strain is a perfect example of an Indica plant, as they rarely grow taller than five feet. Indica plants are often shorter and stockier than their sativa counterparts. Because of this, it may be cultivated indoors as long as several plants are spaced apart to accommodate the large lateral branches of the strain. Because of the extreme variations in the native climate of the strain, outdoor production is typically more challenging. Nevertheless, some phenotypes of Hindu Kush may grow well outdoors since certain cultivars have been stabilized through modest crossbreeding.

To facilitate easy air circulation, growers may wish to cut low-lying branches (which can be used to grow clones later on). To enable light to reach flowering nodes all the way up and down the plant, growers should also remove broad fan leaves. Hindu Kush takes 7 to 9 weeks to blossom when grown indoors. Plants that are grown outside are often ready to be harvested in late October.

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