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Atlas Seed

Green Apple Candy S1

Green Apple Candy S1

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Green Apple Candy is a sativa-dominant S1 strain, meaning that it is the result of a 'self-pollination whereby male flowers have been encouraged to develop on an otherwise female plant with the resulting pollen being collected and used for fertilisation. The orginal Green Apple Candy was actually a phenotype derived from a Wedding Crasher x Dirty Sanchez cross.

Green Apple Candy is 70% sativa with good mould resistance and excellent vigor. This strain is suitable for cultivation in all environments and takes approximately eleven weeks to complete flowering indoors. Yields are high and buds are dense, elongated and are a light green with dark green and purple tones towards the end of flowering. In the last two weeks of florescence the green apple candy scent becomes much more noticeable. Curing emphasises the apple quality with hard green apple candy and dried apple ring being the most common although some phenos with apple caramel or apple soda terps. are found.

Highly potent strain that creates a sense of euphoria and happiness.


  • Brand: Atlas Seed
  • Gender: Feminized
  • Variety: Sativa dominant
  • Flowering Time: 10 to 12 weeks
  • Yield: High (450-750gr/plant)
  • Grows: Greenhouse,Indoors,Outdoors
  • Yield Indoor: High (450-600gr/m2)
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