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Deep Impact x Divine Spirit

 6 Regular cannabis seeds



Mother: Deep Impact (Ghost OG x Fucking Incredible) x Purple Pineapple Express #4)  is a stunning indica that produces extremely stocky plants with minimal, sturdy, thick branches, extra large, fat, round, dense and heavy buds that are deep-purple in color and have pink pistils, plus foliage that’s green on top and purple on the undersides.

Father: Our Divine Spirit male (Spirit in the Sky x Citrus Sap) was selected back in 2020. He was the standout of an outdoor group of 15-20 other males that year. He was the very last one to flower and noticeably so. Unlike his sisters, who were skinnier, and small yielding, he was an absolute beast of a plant; a real monster, and he was the only male that we decided to keep that season. Our initial impression was dead-on, because four years later now he is still alive in our garden and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Gratisfaction is, as expected, a joy to grow. It’s a BEAST of a plant, like a squat body builder with swollen muscles all crammed onto a short frame. Indica dominant and mostly uniform in structure and appearance, the plants are mostly colorful with deep purples and reds on huge, rounded, resinous buds with green and purple leaves. The colas are not only large on top, but are exceedingly good-sized all the way down towards the bottom nodes (which again, was why we chose our male), making pre-flower pruning a breeze and staking mostly unnecessary since the plants grow extremely strong branches. The aroma is earthy dank weed and the effect is a nice pleasant day-time stone.

We are both satisfied and grateful with how this cross turned out.

-Approximately 1/3 of phenotypes will be 100% immune to powdery mildew, and a couple may have pink pistils, which are better seen when grown outdoors.

-8 weeks flower time

-Indoor or outdoor

-Large yield

Annunaki brand seeds/plants are almost always really easy to grow, and this one is no exception. We care about a plant’s performance in the garden more than anything else.

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