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Grapricot Pie IX

Grapricot Pie IX

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Grapricot Pie IX

Mother: Grapricot Pie f1

Father: Grapricot pie f2
Family: Hybrid
Sex: Regular
Structure: Medium, Very sturdy
Flowering time: 53-60 days

Description: This strain was meticulously crafted to inherit the coveted traits of the original Grapricot Pie F1, a longtime favorite in the Oregon recreational market for the past five years. Anticipate robust, consistent plants with excellent structure, boasting large purple flowers that are easy to cultivate. The majority of the progeny delights the senses with a complex citrus aroma, distinct from Tangie or Tropicanna—something entirely new and modern. However, a select few phenotypes showcase alternative profiles, featuring sweet candy berry, pine dominance and combinations of such. What sets this creation apart is its outstanding stability. Tired of investing in seed packs that disappoint with over 50% hermaphrodite rates and inaccurate representations? You won't encounter such issues with these packs. Here, reliability meets excellence, ensuring a rewarding experience for growers and enthusiasts alike.
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