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First Principles Genetics

Electric Kandi

Electric Kandi

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In the Mix x Bellagio Gelato

12 Regular Seeds

First Principles Genetics
Volume 1: Confectionery Horticulture
Strain: Electric Kandi
Lineage: In the Mix (*Flubber Funk x Now-N-Later OG) x Bellagio Gelato) (*Flubber Funk = Scotts OG x Tangerine Kush)
Cannabinoid Content: 25%+
Morphology: Sativa Dom Hybrid, Long bodied plant with long lateral branching that may require support, especially during flower to hold the large bud formations. Methods of LST or HST may be required to tame for your specific requirements.
Flowering Time:
60-70 Days
Yield: Medium- Large (Baseball Bat Buds)
Taste and Aroma: Sweet Pine, OG Gas, Vanilla Candy. Takes you back to those drives with Grandparents! Fresh open forest air. Old cars, and Grandpa pocket candies. Ah! Memories! (Limonene, Myrcene, A-B Caryophyllene, Linalool, D- Limonene, A- Humulene + + )
Effects: Cerebral relaxation followed by body lightness, ease of pain. Considered peaceful and mellow. Great for daily tasks.
12 Regular Seeds per Box

Description: This Bellagio Gelato strain crosses with "In the Mix" a more mellow Sativa dominant plant than other offerings from the First Principles Genetics Volume 1.  "Electric Kandi" is a long tall bodied plant with a towering structure with a "baseball bat buds" in flower. This strain is extremely easy to grow and does well in both indoor and outdoor settings. Outdoors, she can easily get to be over 10ft under the proper conditions. Ease of use, followed by plentiful cannabinoid content make this a must-have! Expect an OG Candy flavor profile with energizing but relaxing tones that make this strain suitable for everyday use.

Special Honorary Mention to the Breeders who helped contribute to the genetic pool we used in our "Collectible Forms of Art" (Archive Seed Bank, Cult Classics Seeds, DJ Short, EarthFire Genetics, Sherbinski, SinCity Seeds, and to those before them.)
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