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First Principles Genetics

Bantha Milkshake

Bantha Milkshake

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Lineage: (Sour- Blue Belts x Bellagio Gelato)

12 Regular Seeds

First Principles Genetics
Volume 1: Confectionery Horticulture
Strain: Bantha Milkshake
Lineage: *Sour Blue Belts (*Code Blue x Now-N-Later OG) x Bellagio Gelato)
Morphology: Indica Dom Hybrid, Medium-Tall Plants, Stockier well-branched plants.
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Yield: Heavy, Large, Dense  (Bantha Sized Buds)
Taste/Aroma: Profiles will range from thick old-school skunky ammonia to plain acrid with a sweet cream vanilla milkshake overtake. (Linalool, Caryphelle Oxide, Myrcene, Beta-Pinene, Limonene, Terpinolene + +)
Effects: Uplifting feelings of mellow happiness and positive creativity. Banta Milkshake can have a faint body effect but with no couchlock; leaving many users feeling energized. Most users recommend having food on hand as Bantha Milkshake induces powerful munchies, despite the unappetizing name.
12 Regular Seeds per Box

Description: A Bantha Milkshake can be found on most planets across the galaxy. The milk is well known for being very rich and refreshing, its opaque coloring suggesting that it was also sweet. And it is.....kinda! First Principles Genetics's Bantha Milkshake brings an easy-to-grow plant that rewards its growers with large dense flowers that are heavy in profile and effect. Both sour and acrid while still maintaining the powerful profile of Bellagio Gelato. It is sure to please all palates

Special Honorary Mention to the Breeders who helped contribute to the genetic pool we used in our "Collectible Forms of Art" (Archive Seed Bank, Cult Classics Seeds, DJ Short, EarthFire Genetics, Sherbinski, SinCity Seeds, and to those before them.)

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