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Cherry Bang Bang (fem)

Cherry Bang Bang (fem)

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Cherry Cosmo x Red Runtz

The name really says it all in this one boys and girls. This isn’t just a little fruity… this doesn’t just have a hint of cherry…. this is absolutely the most cherry max big bang your face off cherry terp out there baby! And if the face banging smell isn’t enough, she’s icy, she’s drippy, she is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. Whether it be the alienistic stack on her, the way the frost builds on the colas, or just the wildly unique smell, this Cherry Bang Bang is hands down one of the most unique plants I’ve come across to date. If you are ready for something different and are looking to spice your gardens life up, then have no fear, Cherry Bang Bang is here!!!

Exotic Genetix


6 Feminized Seeds

3 count fem freebies included pack for pack! These will be selected randomly depending on availability:

  • Game Time (Don Mega x Red Runtz)
  • Ruby Grand (Nectarina x Red Runtz)
  • Red Runtz S1
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