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Mosca Seeds

Blumosa S1

Blumosa S1

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Blumosa S1 contains genetics from two elite strains, viz. Blue Cookies and Mimosa. This S1 version has dynamite fruit terps, with 25% plants taking these to new levels! Its cannabinoid content is virtually unrivalled so please take care.

The original Blumosa came courtesy of a pheno hunt by SOG Army. In 52 - 55 days of flowering growers will harvest above average yields of very frosty colas. The terps have been describes as refreshing, just like drinking a Blue Powerade with 'an orange-zested' rim.

Highly suitable for making extracts, the total strength is insane at up to 41.4% with in excess of 35% of that down to the main content. Hash-making has realised as much as 6% by weight of dried material. This is not a strain to be toyed with, experienced users only. The physical and cerebral effects would be devastating for the uninitiated or casual inhaler! For the connoisseur the effects are chilled yet creative and very long-lasting.

You have been warned!


  • Brand: Mosca Seeds
  • Gender: Feminized
  • Flowering Time: 7 to 9 weeks
  • Yield: High (450-750gr/plant)
  • Grows: Greenhouse,Indoors,Outdoors
  • Yield Indoor: High (450-600gr/m2)
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