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💧 🎩 Drippin Ain't Eazy (Drip Station x Gary Poppins) 🏀 ☂️

💧 🎩 Drippin Ain't Eazy (Drip Station x Gary Poppins) 🏀 ☂️

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Drippin Ain't Eazy

Mother: Drip Station
Reversal: Gary Poppins
Family: 70/30
Sex: Feminized
Growing Conditions: Multi-Topped Bush
Height: Medium/Tall
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Yield: Very Heavy

Description: I have yet to smell a fuel that resembles this fuel! I have never smelled a gas that reminds me of this gas! I wish I could tell you that this bad girl reeks like this or like that but I just cant put my finger on what it is she smells like! If you forced me to give you something, then I would describe this lady and her siblings as a wild pack of rabid Gasolina's!!! A wild pack of Gasolina's that left her stench along the path of everything she dragged her dripping wet body across on the way! Just getting this pic had anything I touched completely caked and fouled up in the most desirable way possible! Ladies & Gents if you've ever wanted to grab a pack of something and had absolutely no idea what to expect but wild gas and dripping wet juiciness, then Drippin Ain't Eazy is your one trick pony... Drip drop baby!!!


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