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⚪ 🏔️ Marshmallow Mountain (Bakers Dozen x Gary Poppins ) 🏀 ☂️

⚪ 🏔️ Marshmallow Mountain (Bakers Dozen x Gary Poppins ) 🏀 ☂️

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Marshmallow Mountain

Mother: Bakers Dozen
Reversal: Gary Poppins
Family: 70/30 Sex: Feminized
Growing Conditions: Sea of Green/Multi-Topped Bush
Height: Medium/Tall
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Yield: Heavy

Description: I hope you hash lovers are ready for a very special heavy hitting treat! I present to you... Marshmallow mountain!!! A uniquely terpy variety that reminds you of nothing you've ever smelled in flower or hash form! From the very beginning I could tell this lady was special from her dark snow covered mountain tops that reminded me of a sweet marshmallow rolled in zippo lighter fluid! Judging by her frost I also knew she was a certain kind of special so I plucked a few nugs and tossed them in the freezer to do a small ice water in a jar shake test to see if she dropped the headies and boy did she ever! Once this pleasure button of a plant was actually harvested, the next thing I couldn't ignore was how much of a pile of snow she left after breaking just a few nugs up for a smoke test! This is when I first encountered it, a lungful of smoke that literally tasted like I was partaking in everyone's favorite campfire favorite... a delicious S'more baby!!! Ladies & gentlemen if you are ready for a hash plant that you have yet to experience for so many different reasons, please allow me to invite you to the Marshmallow Mountain of wonders!!!

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