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Lemon Cherry Gelato, Lit Farms -

We're happy to announce we are now stocking LIT Farms at our seed bank!  Lost In Translation  Lemon Cherry Gelato (Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies x Unknown Strain) Volume 1: Popsicles (Ice Cream Runtz x LCG)Watermelon Martini (Melon Runtz x LCG) Lemon Cherry Belts (Rainbow Belts x LCG) Lollipopz (Red Velvet Runtz x LCG) All packs includes: apples n bananas x e85 x doggy bag (reg) freebie  ALL 10 PACK FEMS + freebie Lemon Cherry Gelato Volume 2 (final volume) Drops 11/17 4:20PM: Lemon Cherry Pie Velvet Pie Georgia Pie x Red Velvet x LCG  Lemon Cherry Fritter Apple Fritter Sour Apple x Animal Cookies x LCG Lemon Cherry Garlic GMO Chem D x GSC x LCG  Lemon Cherry Soap The...

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Lemon Cherry Gelato, S1, SOLOUD GENETICS -

Lemon Cherry Gelato x Lemon Cherry Gelato. (BackPackBoys Cut) Available NOW with Pre-Drop Special! Ships right away. Breeder: Unknown.  Type: Indica Dominant Flowering Period: 58-65 The origins of Lemon Cherry Gelato are mysterious to say the least. It is said to be a cross of Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies and an unknown strain. Undeniably the best rebranding of Gelato since Runtz! Her flavors deliver mouthwatering fruity, berry, citrus sweetness, very enjoyable and smooth. Followed by a relaxing, yet sociable effect. Our Lemon Cherry Gelato S1 seeds consistently grow ideal sized colas without much stretch, they're easy to work with and a breeze to...

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