What is the difference between Cereal Milk & Gary Payton Strains?

Cereal Milk Vs. Gary Payton

Experience the best of two unique phenotypes with our Cereal Milk and Gary Payton S1's. Even though they share the same parents, as they are sisters, each has their distinctions.

Indulge in the sweet, fruity, creamy flavors of Cereal Milk, or immerse yourself in the more earthy fuel forward  profile of Gary. Each of these balanced, flavorful blends are perfect for a blissful and euphoric experience.

Some customers say Cereal Milk produces a more relaxing effect compared to that of Gary Payton. Others say the exact opposite. Being S1 seeds, their profiles and effects tend to be fairly consistent and closely resemble the original breeder's selections.

Growers can select the plants they find with the most desirable traits. Furthermore, flowering plants an extra week before harvest will generally produce a more body than heady experience.

Cereal Milk & Gary Payton were born from a collab between Cookies and Kenny Dumetz of Powerzzzup Genetics

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