Strawberry Runtz (SOLOUD CUT) Cuts & Clones

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This is our keeper cut displaying the best qualities of each selection we worked into this cultivar. We have a nice blend of structure, sweet, candied strawberries with a touch of lemon and blueberry undertones. And a whole lot of fuel! The nose comes off very loud fruity gas, with a slight tropical pineapple essence. 

This cut stood out big time compared to the other plants in the flavor and density departments. Most cuts could've used a bit more in terms of thickness. All of them have huge buds, but the keeper cut also possesses the ability to produce tight, dense colas. She will more than double her size after flip, mostly vertical growth. Perfect for sea of green with an early turn or topping/ training for a humongous canopy. Once the stack starts, she really packs it on. You'll need trellis and twine double time!! Nearly all of the plants display extreme vigor and this cut is no exception. However, this one is extra resilient to environmental fluctuations and common garden issues. She keeps going hard through whatever we throw at her. And she's a thirsty girl, needs to drink a day or two before the others in the rows. 

Effects come off as a true hybrid with creative and fun body numbing buzz. 

We only release a few at a time and do very few,  limited drops. Make sure to get yours when in stock! 

Kushberries x White Runtz (Cookies cut)


Price is for 1 rooted clone guaranteed healthy clean female of our keeper cut SR7.