Lemon Cherry Gelato, S1, SOLOUD GENETICS -

Lemon Cherry Gelato x Lemon Cherry Gelato. (BackPackBoys Cut) Available NOW! Breeder: Unknown.  Type: Indica Dominant Flowering Period: 58-65 The origins of Lemon Cherry Gelato are mysterious to say the least. It is said to be a cross of Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies and an unknown strain. Undeniably the best rebranding of Gelato since Runtz! Her flavors deliver mouthwatering fruity, berry, citrus sweetness, very enjoyable and smooth. Followed by a relaxing, yet sociable effect. Our Lemon Cherry Gelato S1 seeds consistently grow ideal sized colas without much stretch, they're easy to work with and a breeze to trim! 

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 Males:  Trueberry (Elemental Seeds, Elemental Wellness)  White Runtz *reversal (Runtz, Cookies, Compound Genetics, Cannarado?)  Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Exotic Genetix)  Space Runtz (Tiki Madman)  Oreoz AKA OOOZE *reversal (Max Yields)   Females:  Kushberry (DNA Genetics)  Dosidos (Archive Seedbank)  Gelato 33 (Shirbinskis)   Ice Cream Cake (Seed Junky) Sundae Driver (Cannarado) Pancakes (Cookies x Seed Junky)

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