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Cookies & Cream, Exotic Genetix, Oreoz, Red Runtz -

1 Pack Dipz (FEMS) 1 Pack Lusty Lady (FEMS) 1 Pack Quikz (FEMS) 1 Pack 100K (FEMS) 1 Pack Splitz (FEMS) 1 Pack Cherry Bang Bang (FEMS) 1 (3ct) Pack Gametime (FEMS) 1 (3ct) Pack Ruby Grand (FEMS) 1 (3ct) Pack Red Runtz S1 (FEMS) 1 Release Poster 1 Sticker Exotic Genetix 2022 RED RUNTZ LINE | 6 Feminized Seeds per pack 

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3rd Coast Genetics, Cookies & Cream, Max Yields, Oreoz -

Max Yields of 3rd Coast Genetics made this cross more than two years ago. And it seems to have caught on recently, in a big way. As with any strain that gains notoriety & catapults onto the hype list, there will always be naysayers, disbelievers and critics. Let me tell you, Oreoz is an outright testament to how expertly Max Yields conducts hunts and breeding lines. Yes, this cultivar is frosty AF, DEEP purple and she's picture perfect. That's not all... Her flavor is creamy, chocolatey and sweet. Right on the money!  Take a peek into the lineages: With none other than Cookies & Cream by Exotic Genetix...

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